I create.

Consumer experiences. Fine Art. The ephemeral.

2016 National Park Service Artist in Residence: John Day Fossil Beds, Oregon

2016 Starry Night Artist in Residence: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

I am currently the Visual Design Manager for TenMarks Education,
an Amazon Company.

For as long as I can remember, I have seen things differently. I see shapes...
the fullness of a figure, the rhythm of form in people and in nature.

It's what I see first: a stylization of reality. I plant a seed for an image and it starts to grow, I turn it over and over in my mind seeing it clearly before I begin to sketch or paint. Some of my paintings even come to me in dreams. Instinctively, I paint the
forms I see in vibrant hues because to me, life is ripe, it's rich, alive.

I have created chalk murals for 20 years. I have created chalk murals nationally
and have competed in the original International Street Mural Competition in
Grazie di Curtatone, Italy and won a medal in their Simpleci category.
(The only American to win a medal that year.)

2000-2012 Senior Creative Manager of Illustration and Iconography: Yahoo, Inc.
1998-2000 Art Director: McGraw-Hill, Ideal School Supply





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