Oil Paintings:


Goddess of Mt. Tamalpais • 4x4 Eve • 3x3
Goodnight Sun • 2x3 Lullaby • 3x3
Three Petals • 2x3
Starbucks (corporate lobby, San Francisco) • 9x7 Starbucks (retail store, San Jose) • 5x7


Little Acrylic Paintings:




Plein Air Paintings:


Red Rocks Las Vegas • 6x8 The Other Las Vegas • 6x12
Red Rocks Rhythm • 9x12 Waves of Ivins • 6x8
Stripes at the River • 9x12 Winter Rocks • 6x8
Autumn Shadows • 10x14 Spina Farms • 9x12
Death Valley Folds • 12x16 Kodachrome Vista • 9x12
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