Shark Fin Rock at Dusk

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Shark Fin Rock at Dusk


Created for a one-mile ocean pano-mural project dedicated to ocean protection: For the Seventh Generation. Available at Elisabeth Jones Art Center, Portland, Oregon. On view through June 2019.

4’ x 2’ Latex on Wood


Unmarked along the side of Hwy 1 just south of the tiny town of Davenport, CA

is an easily unnoticed tentacle of pathways.

One pathway leads up and out to a vista overlooking the beautiful Pacific

Ocean. Another hugs the coastline, following wild flowers and glimpses of

crashing waves against rocks far below. For the adventurer, there is the

pathway that appears to dead end at a corrugated pipe covered in graffiti.

If you dip under it and follow a very narrow, steep wash, you’ll empty out into

a spectacular cove and face the magnificent Shark Fin rock thrusting out of the

water. This is a magical place, a natural amphitheatre for nature’s sculpture:

The Fin.

Waves are louder here, but sunsets are phenomenal and I found that dusk,

on a break between storms, is equally enchanting. It is cautionary but serene,

much like the sight of a fin sliding through the water.


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