paintings: oil and acrylic

I see things differently. I see shapes... the fullness of a figure, the rhythm of form in people and in nature.

It’s what I see first: a stylization of reality. I plant a seed for an image and it starts to grow, I turn it over and over in my mind seeing it clearly before I begin to sketch or paint. Instinctively, I paint the forms I see in vibrant hues because to me, life is ripe, it’s rich, alive.

My paintings can be found in both corporate and private collections.



plein air painting

Painting outdoors is the best counter balance to studio work and computer work. There's nothing better than morning light, fresh air and a few hours of plein air painting.

I love to combine my love of traveling and my love of painting, so I always pack some paint! I've now painted in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Ireland, Italy, France and Canada - in addition to my home state of California. There was also a dream trip - rafting the entire length of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon - which gave me 8 full days of gorgeous canyon walls and unbelievable colors reflected everywhere. 

I love to find the rhythm of a scene, the way a hill rolls or a road bends… it makes me so happy and these observations carry over into my studio and digital work.

my residency with the national park service

I am very honored to have been selected to serve as an Artist in Residence with the National Park Service.
I spent a magical two weeks in September of 2015 at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Oregon.

Each day I explored a different corner of the park, all unique with spectacular geological formations,
and colors! Outdoors, I see rhythms and folds and stripes and angles. I love design in nature.
John Day Fossil Beds has ribbons of colors, heavy folds on windblown outcroppings,
vertical pillars of basalt and waves of blue volcanic ash hillsides. It is heavenly!

As part of my Residency, the Park would select one painting to display at their Visitor Center for a year.
I am very excited that they asked to have TWO of my paintings: Sheep Rock and Foree. 

artist in residence, southern new mexico

In May 2015 I was awarded a one month Artist in Residence with Starry Night Retreat in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. I've always loved New Mexico but this was my first time to explore Southern New Mexico. Early each morning, not only to catch the best light but to also avoid the heat and winds, I ventured down dirt roads to discover unbelievable views across the largest lake in New Mexico: Elephant Butte Reservoir. And yes, there is an Elephant Butte, an imposing, lumbering mass of rich dark color, wading in teal green water. Who knew!

The paintings below are some of the on location, plein air studies I created during my residency.

public art

I have been creating street art for 25 years. I've had commissions for street murals in Santa Barbara, Mission Viejo, San Diego, Tahoe, San Jose*, San Rafael**, San Francisco and Sarasota, Florida. I have also competed in the original International Street Mural Competition held in Grazie di Curtatone, near Mantova, Italy and I am honored to have won a medal in their Simpleci level (the only American to win a medal that year.) 

Other public art projects include a beautification program for vacant store fronts, the utility ArtBox program for the city of San Jose and a commission of three original digital murals for the Town of Los Gatos.

*People’s Choice winner and Grand Prize winner - Santana Row competition.
**Featured artist three times for the San Rafael chalk art festival.



I was commissioned to paint a neighborhood of San Jose for Starbucks, incorporating site specific elements and locals.
Acrylic on canvas, 9x7

Eye level engagement

Hidden shapes and children at eye level worked to delight young visitors and families.


Starbucks later commissioned 4 little paintings to illustrate their employee mission statement.
Each piece is 2’x2’ on canvas.

A Day in the Neighborhood

After a store remodel in 2012, the original 9'x7' painting no longer fit. I was very happy though that Starbucks contacted me to paint another piece which would fit in the new space, so the new piece is 7'x5'. Bonus good news, the original painting was moved up to San Francisco to hang in the corporate office lobby.


I worked in-house at Yahoo! for 12 years, creating the icons and illustrations that defined the brand. I have wonderful memories from those early days: innovating web iconography; illustrating subjects from personal finance to emoticon birds or mobile app icons; managing an amazingly talented team; creating assets for the first ever page animation take-over.

As the Creative Design Manager, my team and I were responsible for creating the entire suite of standardized Yahoo! network icons, including navigational/network utility icons, application icons, toolbar icons, mobile icons, partner icons, and all property branding icons across the network. I created Illustrations and Icons for Yahoo in my positions as Staff Illustrator to Design Manager and finally Senior Creative Manager. Illustrations appeared on the site across properties, as campus graphics, swag for the company store and even for in house and external print collateral. Here are some of my favorites...

Product Icons

Every product from Travel, Yellow Pages, Greetings, Health, Games, People Search, Maps…

Tiny Product Icons

These required a lot of pixel pushing to get them to read at tiny sizes. I created a vector, then pixel perfect icons in sizes 72px, 56px, 32px… down to 16px. All before PNGS!

Bookmarked Icons

Blog and Tool Icons


Y! Olympic Site Icons

Olympic Sport Icons

Pet Icons for Groups


Illustrated Cities

Yahoo! Local: I illustrated some of the largest cities in the US for site specific headers within the product.


Close Up

San Diego illustration details


In-house Icons

Badge icons for each milestone year of employment

Mobile App Icons

Yahoo! Weather
Yahoo! Cricket
Yahoo! Real Estate

Mobile Landing Page

One of the first projects I worked on at Yahoo! was creating the illustrated headers for each Yahoo! Kids page, so much fun!

One of the first projects I worked on at Yahoo! was creating the illustrated headers for each Yahoo! Kids page, so much fun!

Truck Wrap

Wonderful to see semi-trucks wrapped with my icons.


I joined Amazon in 2015 as the Visual Design Manager and Sr. Illustrator for TenMarks Education.
In 2016 my role expanded to include UI, Branding and Icon work for various Amazon products.
The following are a few milestone projects.

Pre-teen character development


TenMarks Education icon suite redesign. (Also added to the Amazon UI icon suite)

Character Development: in product, interactive prompts 

Early explorations for the Amazon Inspire identity

Final identity for Amazon Inspire. The logo was applied to banners, badges, personalized assets for teachers...
an outside agency created an animation for the product as well. Adorable!


Amazon Inspire icon suite


Visual UI, identity / icon for the Amazon Math, Alexa Skill. Simple... but required a full presentation deck to sell the simplicity

Artboard 1@3x.png

Corporate Bug Bash and Hack Day, campaign / phone tool icons


Crowdfunding for Teachers, campaign illustrations

In product illustrations, animated in final product

digital illustration

Various projects, from mobile phones and connected-life to buying local. Good stuff.

freelance icon design

Clients: MindJet, Blurb, Telenav, Oracle, PayPal, Safeway

happy camping

Madly enamored with my own teardrop trailer called a T@B, I began creating camping motif items for myself and then to share.
Below is a selection of everything from stickers to textiles and even enamel pins.
Trailer fabric, and other designs, available on Spoonflower:

fabric design

Illustrated Repeats: It started as a personal project that let me illustrate some things I'm interested in and then challenge myself to make the design into a repeating pattern.

You can find these fabrics on

health and beauty

I’ve created digital illustrations, package designs as well as logos for a variety of wellness companies.